8 Top Things To Do On Norfolk Island (From a Local)

best things to do on norfolk island

From lush green forests to azure blue waters and everything in between, Norfolk Island holidays offer a wholesome and exotic time off to spend with your friends, families, and individuals of all ages. I’m sure you’ll be shocked to know that Australian citizens do not even need passports to travel to Norfolk Island! Isn’t that amazing?

Getting overwhelmed with the sheer number of activities included in most Norfolk Island tours is a common problem most tourists face. So, here I have prepared a list of some of the best things to do, most of which can be easily integrated into your Norfolk Island holiday packages.


1) Meet Mother Nature

When you travel to Norfolk Island, the first thing you notice is that nature reigns supreme here. The tranquil and untouched natural environment instantly makes you feel a connection with mother nature.

Guided Norfolk Island tours are the best for exploring the rolling green hills, lofty sea cliffs, lagoon-fringed beaches, and majestic pine forests in just a day. The sudden shift from ridiculously loud concrete jungles to this peaceful and serene natural environment can be a little unsettling, but you’ll get used to it in just a while.

Nature lovers can opt for Norfolk Island packages that include tours of the national park, botanical gardens, and natural reserves encompassing most of this tiny landmass. Trust me; you’ll feel nature all around you on your Norfolk Island holidays.

2) Step Back in Time

Nothing captures the island’s early days, like Kingston and Arthur’s Vale Historic Area (KAVHA), a listed UNESCO World Heritage Site. Self-guided Norfolk Island tours around the historic military barracks, government buildings, museums, cemeteries, and old prison ruins can feel like a literal blast from the past.

The absence of towering skyscrapers, busy freeways, uninterrupted internet, and a general lack of techno-human interventions make you feel disconnected, and frankly, relaxed on your holiday in Norfolk Island. The ease with which the local population co-exists with their natural surroundings is enough to make you step back in time.

3) Swim With the Fish

A dazzling coastline of 32 kilometers full of pristine sandy beaches, secret rocky coves, and some fantastic surfing and snorkeling spots gives your Norfolk Island holidays a seriously salty touch. The reef-protected waters of Emily Bay lagoon and Slaughter Bay are considered some of the world’s best swimming and snorkeling beaches!

The secluded and rocky Bumboras Beach is a must-visit addition to Norfolk Island holiday packages for couples where they can spend some quality alone time discovering hidden rock pools and coves. Just don’t forget to bring your sunscreen, water, shades, and hat as the sun can be pretty unforgiving in the heart of the pacific ocean.

4) Soak Up the Sun

Norfolk Island holidays are not just family-friendly but couple-friendly as well. The sunrises and sunsets you will get to witness here are genuinely awe-inspiring stuff of dreams. Watching the sun as it rises and sets over the horizon with your other half is guaranteed to be an unforgettable romantic moment in your blissful journey of love.

Local Norfolk Island tours suggest watching the sunrise from Cemetary Beach before moving on to explore the nearby areas for rock pools to give your day the perfect start. You can perch on the cliffs above Anson Bay to enjoy the most spectacular sunset of your life as the orange sun sinks slowly into the Pacific waters.

You can also choose romantic accommodation in Norfolk Island for the best experience with your partner since most such living options are customized to let in the creeping rays of the sun as the perfect morning alarm.

5) Head For the Hills

The Norfolk Island National Park offers tremendously diverse bushwalking, trekking, and hiking opportunities for adventure lovers and thrill-seekers. One of the best features of a holiday in Norfolk Island is its highest hills, Mount Bates and Mount Pitt, connected by the Summit Track and offer a breathtaking 360° vantage to see the island in all its glory.

The Bridle Track offers a short walk through the forest with some incredible coastal views, while the Palm Glen Circuit Track winds through lush green rainforests among giant ferns and rare palms. The three tracks are interconnected by the Red Road Track and are not a part of the usual Norfolk Island tours.

6) Clash With the Culture

Package holidays to Norfolk Island are the perfect time to learn about the first Polynesian settlers and the British convicts that followed the bounty mutineer descendants responsible for shaping the local culture. The vibrant historical heritage is aided and preserved by the numerous museums and a UNESCO World Heritage Site covering a significant part of the island.

Fletcher’s Mutiny Cyclorama and the Queen Victoria Memorial Gardens are a must-visit addition to the Norfolk Island tours for significant history buffs. The tight-knit Norfolk Island community honors the old traditions with memorial days, food festivals, and sporting events for a unique cultural experience.

Without trying out the local paddock to plate cuisine and the island-inspired craft liquors, the cultural experience on your holiday in Norfolk Island is incomplete. Even self-catering food lovers can enjoy the local wining and dining with fresh products from the local farmer’s markets.

7) Adventure in Wonderland

The one thing in ample supply on your Norfolk Island holiday package is the prospect of adventure. Water or land, it doesn’t matter; there is always something thrilling to do if you want to.

A part of the Norfolk Island National Park, Phillip Island, located six kilometers south of the main island, is an adventure hotspot for thrill-seekers.

Only accessible by boats for guided Norfolk Island tours, once you arrive on the shores of Phillip Island, a series of rope ladders and steep hills need to be crossed to reach the clifftop. Does it sound dangerous? That’s because it is! But once you reach the top, the view is worth it.

8) Bag a Duty Free Bargain

Another great thing about Norfolk Island holiday packages is the GST-free and duty-free shopping splendor you get to experience with more than 70 locally-owned stores selling everything from clothes, shoes, jewelry, cosmetics, and much more.

From bricks-and-mortar stores to fancy galleries, delightful honesty boxes, and lively markets, whichever kind of shopping you’re in the mood for, you will have at your disposal on your Norfolk Island holidays. To top it all off, the best thing about going on a shopping spree here is the fact that you’ll be supporting the local economy and its people with your money.

No End in Sight

Sitting on a meager 35 square kilometers of land in the South Pacific ocean, this magnificent subtropical paradise awaits your arrival just over Australia’s eastern horizon.

A holiday in Norfolk Island is a golden opportunity for backpacking globetrotters to take some time off in this hidden wonder of the world with not just eight but more than a hundred exciting things to do!

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