About Me

Hi, I'm Ben Reeve.
I’m a retailer by trade but a traveler and writer at heart. 
My love for travel started young. My Dad moved out to South Africa when I was 10 and I was lucky enough to spend Summer, Xmas and Easter in another world. This opened my eyes to how different the world could be and also sparked an attachment to nature; whether it be the countryside or the wildlife. When we had career discussions at school I remember putting 'Park Ranger'. I didn't get listened to!
Since then I have been to lots of different places around the world and the list gets longer every year (if you want to see the latest total go to my 'Country List'). My companion for most of these trips is my wife Becca who has to put up with all the notetaking, laptop tapping and photo editing that goes with running a site like this!
Alongside this I have always had a love of writing. Studying English Language at school was probably my favourite subject and my writing has often been channeled through poetry or music (hear my alter ego 'Bemmy R' here!). More recently it has turned into blogging. In 2015 I started a blog called CyclingTipsHQ which I have now transferred to another company, after realising it was my love of travel more than that of cycling that was motivating me.
This site started up in 2017, initially as a creative outlet, but then rapidly as a document of my travels around the world. It has then evolved to include guides for people who want to take sabbaticals - as that seemed to be the area that people were most interested in - but don't worry, I will still be keeping up my travel writing to inspire you to see the world!

A lot of my writing is long-form and I make no apologies for that. If you want quick reviews and star ratings TripAdvisor does a better job that I will ever do. I want to tell you about my experience, about the people, about the details, about the history. This is my aim, to in some small way emulate the travel writing I read growing up; Paul Theroux, Bill Bryson, Jan Morres but made simpler to navigate for the internet age.

For most locations I've been you'll find a main page and then simpler links to places we've eaten, landmarks we've visited, the roofs we've had over our head and the wildlife we've seen. These are split down into easy to navigate sections so you can find what you're looking for. 

I hope you enjoy what you read. Alot of time and effort goes into putting these pieces together but knowing there are even a few people ot there that enjoy it makes it worth while.

About The Site

This site is primarily here to help people who want to take sabbaticals, but it is much more than that! Head over to the 'Start Here' page to see everything on offer, whether it be destination guides, weekend breaks or vacation inspiration.

The challenge as always through the Internet is one of trust. You can trust a friend or even a well known author to dish out good advice, but how do you trust me, a guy you've never met and has no credibility to you tapping away at a keyboard miles from your location.

Well, I can't answer that but all I ask is you give me a shot. Have a read of a view articles, maybe join the newsletter and see how I get on.

Trust is all about credibility, reliability and self orientation.

I never take money for writing and only write what I see, I will reliably deliver what I say I will and I am focused on getting the best information for you all - even if that means directing you to another site that will help you better than I can.


Now read on because this is an important bit....

Never let me jade or enhance your impressions of a place. Just because I haven't been somewhere doesn't mean it's not any good. Just because I liked somewhere doesn't mean you will. These are one person's views taken often after one experience and at only one time. People are sentimental, experiences can be subjective and places change in time. The Buddha said 'we see as we are'. My views are clouded by my experiences, personality and views, as will yours

Use my information to help and plan, but gather from other resources too. I am not afraid of directing people away from my site if there is useful information elsewhere, you only have to take only look at my resources page for that! 

But ultimately the only way to form an opinion is to let the trip take you and see for yourself.

If you disagree, or have more to add then let me know. Comment, write a counter piece, criticise; I do not write to hide from other views I write because I welcome them.

But don't ever use me or my writing as an excuse. Your only excuse is you. You call the shots, make the decisions, choose the destinations. 

Now get out there and see it for yourself!

Ben Reeve - August 2017

Ben & Becca

Me and my beautiful wife Becca on a trip to Cape Town. We have been everywhere together, Becca is my patient companion who puts up with the note taking, photography and excursions!


The Writer!

Me on a boat in Seychelles with one of my trusty notebooks!


Experiencing everything I can

From walking with lions to paragliding to simply relaxing with a cocktail watching a sunset. I do my best to experience it all and bring you the best places.

Having some fun!

Always, and if it stops, so will I!