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After Your Sabbatical

After Your Sabbatical

Adjusting back into real life after an extended period of travel can be really hard.

This part of the site is designed to do two things:

1) Help you make the adjustment back into a post sabbatical life.

2) Help you to incorporate travel into your future around a hectic lifestyle.

After Your Sabbatical Articles:

You may also find it interesting to read about how people similar to you have made adjustments back into real-life in my 'Sabbatical Stories' series.



Weekend Breaks

Fitting in travel after you sabbatical can be hard, but using your weekend time is a great place to start.

One of the best ways I've found to build travel into a hectic lifestyle is with what I like to call 'micro-adventures' - long weekends, city breaks and trips to the countryside.


Holiday Ideas

Making the most of your annual leave is one of the best ways to carry on seeing the world after your sabbatical.

In the UK around 5 weeks of annual leave is normal.

This page gives you some inspiration for fantastic breaks that are accessible from the UK.



Here you'll find the destinations I've been to in the world and country guides to go with them.

It is an ever-growing list, so check back often for regular updates (or join my mailing list to get sent the last content straight to your inbox).