best places to visit in victorria sorted by area
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20+ Places To Visit in Victoria [Sorted by Area]

Victoria has become our second home over the last few years, with us having moved here in 2019. Since then we’ve been exploring lots of the state in our spare time, from the Central Melbourne Laneways to far-flung corners of the High Country.

30 Interesting & Unusual Facts About Victoria

In this post I share the best places to visit in Victoria. These are our favourite spots from across the state, ones that we’ve enjoyed and will live long in the memory.

To make it easy to navigate I’ve split down the post into different areas of Victoria, making it easy for you to find information about the area you’re planning to visit.

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Best Places to Visit in Victoria – Area Map

best places to visit in victorria sorted by area


Flinders Street Station

There was a recent Q&A on Instagram that asked people to describe Melbourne in two or less words.

Responses included:

  • Caffeine heaven
  • Cultural capital
  • Hipster heaven
  • Completely irresistible
  • Melbeautiful
  • Lockdown legends (we endured one of the world’s longest lockdowns during Covid in 2020)

Quite a list!

One of the unusual elements of Melbourne is the lack of world-famous landmarks. Yes, we have the MCG and Flinders Street Station, but these don’t really stack up to the Sydney Opera House, Eiffel Tower and Big Ben when picked out of a line-up.

What makes Melbourne so liveable though is a multitude of other things.

The coastal location, independent coffee shops (Starbucks had to pull out of here as their sales were so poor), narrow laneways, expansive parks and love of sport to name a few.

The food especially has stood out for us, driven by big populations of Italian, Southeast Asian, Greek and Lebanese who’ve established communities within the city and driven the quality of everything from coffee to souvlaki to a level not experienced anywhere outside their home countries (and at times actually better, with Melbourne coffee voted the best in the world).

If you’re visiting Melbourne and the suburbs, some of the posts below should help you to get started:

Melbourne CBD

25 Bonza Things To Do in Melbourne
Yes, I know it’s a corny title, but you’ve got to try and stand out as a writer somehow! What you need to know though is that this is my central point for everything Melbourne. Whenever we visit somewhere exciting in the city I add it to this article (so it is probably more than 25 by now) so stop by if you’re looking for inspiration of where to visit in the city.

Where to Stay in Melbourne CBD: 5 Places for Inspiration
Having lived in Melbourne, it’s not often I have to stay here (other than the occasional meeting) so I asked some of my travel blogger colleagues who’ve visited the city as tourists to put together their favourite places to stay.

21 of My Favourite Photo Spots in Melbourne
If you’re a photographer, this is the post for you. A round-up of my favourite places to get photos in the city.

Melbourne Suburbs

Things To Do in Williamstown: 25 Ideas (From a Local)
Williamstown sits across the bay from Melbourne CBD and offers beautiful views of the city. It also happens to be my hometown and somewhere I am very proud to live. Less than 20 minutes by train from the CBD it is well worth a visit.

Around Melbourne

around melbourne

This section covers areas within an hour or so of Melbourne, though some are cut out such as Geelong and the Mornington Peninsula and others are further out, so it is far from an exact science!

Day-tripping or taking a weekend out of the city opens up so many wonderful parts of the state. I’m always amazed at just how quickly Melbourne disappears and the country begins.

6 Things To Do in Healesville: Wine, Wildlife & Tranquility
Healesville is one of the best day-trips from Melbourne. Famous for the Healesville Sanctuary, which is packed full of indigenous wildlife, but with something from everyone – from wine tours to a chocolate factory (ok maybe this is all just for me!)

Black Spur Drive
Not far from Healesville, this 27km drive is one of the best in Victoria, through trees of record-breaking heights and an undergrowth straight from Jurassic Park.

Great Ocean Road and Geelong

10 Fun Things to Do at Serendip Sanctuary
Serendip Sanctuary is just outside Geelong and a useful stop-off location on the way to the Great Ocean Road. There are picnic facilities here and some great walking trails and wilidlife.

18 Eclectic Things To Do in Port Fairy (& The Local Area)
We headed to Port Fairy to visit one of two UNESCO Heritage Sites in Victoria, Budj Bim. We ended up finding much much more in this quaint little seaside town.

Goldfields and Grampians

To the west of Melbourne you’ll find the Goldfields and Grampians.

The Victorian Goldfields region is associated with the 1850s gold-rush that took hold of the area. People came from across the globe with hopes of finding a fortune and the area is littered with old mineshaft and mullock heaps.

The Grampians National Park is a little older, having been settled by the aboriginal population as much as 50,000 years ago and known in the Jarnwadjali language as Gariweld.


12 1/2 Wondrous Things To Do (+ See) in the Grampians
A comprehensive guide to the best things to do and see in the Grampians, from 35,000-year-old rock art to crazy golf. The Grampians are probably our favourite weekend getaway from Melbourne.

Grampians Itinerary: Your Must-Have Guide [With Maps]
This guide focuses on how to pack the best parts of the Grampians into a long weekend, with a day-by-day itinerary.

The Murray River Area

Unfortunately we’ve not been lucky enough to get up to the Murray River area of Victoria yet, hopefully we’ll get there soon.

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Mornington Peninsula, Phillip Island and Wilsons Promontory

The Mornington Peninsula is so close to Melbourne and with a great variety of beaches, wineries and historic locations there is loads to do here.

Mornington Peninsula Itinerary: What To Do/Where To Stay
My complete guide to the Mornington Peninsula.


We haven’t been lucky enough to get to Gippsland yet, but we’ll be there soon and will update this section when we return.

Victorian High Country

mount buffalo hut

Victorian High Country Itinerary and Trip Planning Guide
We spent a week in the Victorian High Country and covered off most of the popular destinations. From stunning mountain ranges to traditional Victorian towns, the High Country is a fantastic part of the State.

Round-Up Posts

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