68 Best Travel Blogs: Unearth a Gem on this Easy-Scan List

Travel Blogs List

If you want to see the best travel blogs all in one place, then you’ll LOVE this regularly updated list.

It’s no secret that I think travel blogs are awesome!


See my thoughts here:

The Benefits Of Using Travel Blogs To Help Plan Your Trips

But given there are so many on the internet (over 68 million!), it can be hard to find good ones that are kept up to date.

The good news is I’ve done the hard work for you.

This post was originally my personal list of favourite blogs. Kept on an Evernote file I regularly referred back to it when looking for inspiration or planning trips.

Now I’ve put it into this form, as it makes it really easy to find exactly what I’m looking for, and hopefully you can too….

I’ve split this post down into categories so it’s easy to navigate, and I’ve put the blogs into the section I feel is most relevant, though some may cover a number of topics….

And am constantly updating the list as I find new blogs, or have other bloggers make contact with me….

….So hopefully this will become the ultimate directory of the best travel blogs.


Click below for quick-scroll to your chosen category.


Budget Travel Blogs

  1. FlipNomad.com
  2. NomadicMatt.com
  3. ThePoorTraveller.net

Adventure Travel Blogs

  1. ExpertVagabond.com
  2. NerdNomads.com
  3. OneStep4Ward.com
  4. ThePlanetD.com

Holiday and Vacation Ideas

  1. TwoWeekTraveller.com

Luxury Travel Blogs

  1. OnTheLuce.com

Photography Travel Blogs

  1. AlongDustyRoads.com
  2. Everything-Everywhere.com

Foodie Travel Blogs

  1. AuthenticFoodQuest.com
  2. LegalNomads.com
  3. VeganTravel.com

Travel With Pets

  1. TheConstantRambler.com

Sabbatical & Career Break Travel Blogs

  1. CareerBreakSecrets.net
  2. Escape-101.com
  3. GapYear.com
  4. GoAbroad.com
  5. MakeYourBreakaway.com
  6. MeetPlanGo.com
  7. TheSabbaticalGuide.com
  8. TheCareerBreakSite.com
  9. TransitionsAbroad.com

Weekend Breaks

  1. 48HourAdventure.com
  2. ABritAndASoutherner.com
  3. TheWeekendJetsetter.com
  4. WeekendCandy.com

Backpacker Travel Blogs

  1. BackpackingMatt.com

Long-Term Travel

  1. BecomeNomad.com
  2. OneStep4Ward.com
  3. SeeNicWander.com
  4. WanderingEarl.com

Ethical Travel

  1. BreatheDreamGo.com
  2. GreenGlobalTravel.com
  3. UncorneredMarket.com


  1. TheAccidentalBirder.com


Solo Male Travel Blogs

  1. BackpackingMan.com

Solo Female Travel Blogs

  1. AdventurousKate.com
  2. PackMeTo.com
  3. TheBlondeAbroad.com
  4. TravelWithTrang.com

Couple Travel Blogs

  1. CouplesCoordinates.com
  2. GettingStamped.com

Family Travel Blogs

  1. FlashpackerFamily.com
  2. YTravelBlog.com

Gay Travel Blogs

  1. NomadicBoys.com

Older Travellers

  1. TravelPast50.com


Road Trips

  1. NewLifeOnTheRoad.com
  2. RoadTrippers.com


  1. Seat61.com


  1. HitchHikersHandbook.com


  1. DavesTravelPages.com
  2. WhileOutRiding.com



  1. DreamEuroTrip.com
  2. EuropeZigZag.com


  1. AsianRamblings.com
  2. HippieInHeels.com
  3. SailingStoneTravel.com
  4. TemplesAndTreehouses.com
  5. TheLostPassport.com
  6. TielandtoThailand.com


  1. AfricaEncompassed.com

South America

  1. TalesFromTheLens.com


Long-Form Travel Writing

  1. ASecondLife.co.uk
  2. NotesFromTheRoad.com

Funny Travel Blogs

  1. SwedishNerdvsTheWorld.co.uk
  2. TackyTouristPhotos.com
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Planet Fiesta
1 year ago

Respected Team

During my research for the article 20 Best Travel Sites of 2019 That Gives a Feel of Travel While Reading We came across your website and find that really helpful for my article as well as the reader we are targeting. In order to provide the best available information over the internet,.

Team FDS

Useful Tools for Booking Your Sabbatical


I always use Skyscanner or Agoda alongside Google Flights to make sure I’ve got the best price. I use Google Flights to save a route and monitor price changes and a combination of Skyscanner and Agoda to get the cheapest tickets. 

If you are in the UK I would also highly recommend signing up for Jack’s Flight Club to get incredible flight deals sent to your email inbox every week.


When booking accommodation I always start with Booking.com as they generally have the best range and prices. I also regularly use Airbnb for longer stays and apartments in cities (use this link for £25 off your first stay). For a different experience try signing up to Housecarers for free house-sitting opportunities (get 10% off membership with this link).


Travel insurance might seem like an unnecessary cost, but when a flight gets cancelled, injury occurs or you damage a piece of gear you’ll regret not paying in advance. I’ve used  World Nomads for two sabbaticals and (after badly damaging a hire car in Laos!) found the claim process to be simple and transparent.


Using local guides is one of my favourite travel tips. The easiest way to find a local guide is to use Get Your Guide who offer tours with local guides all over the world.


Check out my gear page for my favourite travel gear, here for a detailed 3-month packing list for men and women and here to find 38 great travel gifts.


Getting from the airport to your destinations is an added stress after a tiring flight, so take the guesswork out and pre-book with JayRide.com. Their prices often beat the local taxis and I've found them to be reliable and easy to use.

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