If you want to see the best travel blogs all in one place, then you’ll LOVE this regularly updated list.

It’s no secret that I think travel blogs are awesome!


See my thoughts here:

The Benefits Of Using Travel Blogs To Help Plan Your Trips

But given there are so many on the internet (over 68 million!), it can be hard to find good ones that are kept up to date.

The good news is I’ve done the hard work for you.

This post was originally my personal list of favourite blogs. Kept on an Evernote file I regularly referred back to it when looking for inspiration or planning trips.

Now I’ve put it into this form, as it makes it really easy to find exactly what I’m looking for, and hopefully you can too….

I’ve split this post down into categories so it’s easy to navigate, and I’ve put the blogs into the section I feel is most relevant, though some may cover a number of topics….

And am constantly updating the list as I find new blogs, or have other bloggers make contact with me….

….So hopefully this will become the ultimate directory of the best travel blogs.


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Budget Travel Blogs

  1. FlipNomad.com
  2. NomadicMatt.com
  3. ThePoorTraveller.net

Adventure Travel Blogs

  1. ExpertVagabond.com
  2. NerdNomads.com
  3. OneStep4Ward.com
  4. ThePlanetD.com

Holiday and Vacation Ideas

  1. TwoWeekTraveller.com

Luxury Travel Blogs

  1. OnTheLuce.com

Photography Travel Blogs

  1. AlongDustyRoads.com
  2. Everything-Everywhere.com

Foodie Travel Blogs

  1. AuthenticFoodQuest.com
  2. LegalNomads.com
  3. VeganTravel.com

Travel With Pets

  1. TheConstantRambler.com

Sabbatical & Career Break Travel Blogs

  1. CareerBreakSecrets.net
  2. Escape-101.com
  3. GapYear.com
  4. GoAbroad.com
  5. MakeYourBreakaway.com
  6. MeetPlanGo.com
  7. TheSabbaticalGuide.com
  8. TheCareerBreakSite.com
  9. TransitionsAbroad.com

Weekend Breaks

  1. 48HourAdventure.com
  2. ABritAndASoutherner.com
  3. TheWeekendJetsetter.com
  4. WeekendCandy.com

Backpacker Travel Blogs

  1. BackpackingMatt.com

Long-Term Travel

  1. BecomeNomad.com
  2. OneStep4Ward.com
  3. SeeNicWander.com
  4. WanderingEarl.com

Ethical Travel

  1. BreatheDreamGo.com
  2. GreenGlobalTravel.com
  3. UncorneredMarket.com


  1. TheAccidentalBirder.com


Solo Male Travel Blogs

  1. BackpackingMan.com

Solo Female Travel Blogs

  1. AdventurousKate.com
  2. PackMeTo.com
  3. TheBlondeAbroad.com
  4. TravelWithTrang.com

Couple Travel Blogs

  1. CouplesCoordinates.com
  2. GettingStamped.com

Family Travel Blogs

  1. FlashpackerFamily.com
  2. YTravelBlog.com

Gay Travel Blogs

  1. NomadicBoys.com

Older Travellers

  1. TravelPast50.com


Road Trips

  1. NewLifeOnTheRoad.com
  2. RoadTrippers.com


  1. Seat61.com


  1. HitchHikersHandbook.com


  1. DavesTravelPages.com
  2. WhileOutRiding.com



  1. DreamEuroTrip.com
  2. EuropeZigZag.com


  1. AsianRamblings.com
  2. HippieInHeels.com
  3. SailingStoneTravel.com
  4. TemplesAndTreehouses.com
  5. TheLostPassport.com
  6. TielandtoThailand.com


  1. AfricaEncompassed.com

South America

  1. TalesFromTheLens.com


Long-Form Travel Writing

  1. ASecondLife.co.uk
  2. NotesFromTheRoad.com

Funny Travel Blogs

  1. SwedishNerdvsTheWorld.co.uk
  2. TackyTouristPhotos.com

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