Coco Rouge, Praslin Island | Creole Takeaway at a Great Price


Coco Rouge Praslin is a great little stop off at the side of the road in Baie St Anne.

Takeaway creole food that proves you can eat on a budget when in the Seychelles with dishes starting at around 55Rs.

There is also a restaurant you can eat in but the owners are more than happy for you to grab a takeaway and sit on the tables and chairs provided outside. Or even better grab a portion of food and head for a bench by the beach and watch the fisherman bring in their catch for the day.

They will knock you up everything from a ham and cheese sandwich to a shark steak but if you’re going to do it right choose one of the specials of the day at the counter. These are normally a mix of different creole dishes; fish curries, chicken and coconut, slow cooked pork. You can find them listed on one of the boards around the restaurant and are both authentically Seychellian and beautiful! 


As with most of the creole takeaways in Seychelles this will be served up in a polystyrene box for you to eat. For British these containers have long been associated with a terrible kebab at 3am on a Saturday morning, but don’t be put off by this! Forget the pre-programmed stereotypes if this was served up to you in a central London restaurant you’d happy pay £15 a dish!

If they have it I would personally recommend the Kari Koko Larai (Stingray Coconut Curry)!

Head over to their website at to check out more.

Enjoy 🙂

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