How to use Custom Google Maps on your Travel Blog

How to Use Custom Google Maps on Your Travel Blog

Welcome to ‘How to Use Custom Google Maps on Your Travel Blog’

In this video, I’m going to teach you how to set up custom Google Maps which can be embedding into your WordPress posts and add a great visual element to your travel blog.

You will learn:

How to set up a new map

  1. Changing the title
  2. Adding in layers for different categories
  3. Changing the base map to a different version

How to add in places you’ve visited

  1. Customising the links for these places to direct readers to your blog posts
  2. Changing the colour and type of icons to make your maps really easy to navigate

How to embed the custom Google Map on your WordPress site

  1. Setting the default view
  2. Making your map viewable to everyone
  3. Copying the code
  4. Embedding the code on your WordPress site

I really hope you’ve enjoyed today’s guide I am going to be adding regular articles to my site on how to improve your travel blog so sign up to get them straight through to your inbox.

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