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Financing a Sabbatical

Financing a Sabbatical

When readers sign up to my mailing list I ask them to answer a simple question ‘what is your biggest worry when planning a sabbatical?’.

Do you know what the number one answer is?

Well here are a few examples…

I have only been able to take sabbaticals through sound financial planning. Whether it’s been…

  • Maxing out my pension
  • Always trying to save at least 20% of what I earn
  • Using ISAs, ETFs and compound interest to make my money work harder
  • Not wasting money on ‘new’ things unless I need to
  • Saving every bit of pay rises so I don’t get used to the money

…I’ve worked hard to get to the stage where I can afford to have time off of work to travel or spend time with my family.

Taking a sabbatical starts with solid financial plans and having a clear idea exactly how much it will cost.

This page is dedicated to giving you all the best information to help you afford a sabbatical.

Quick Links:

Sabbatical Finance Posts

Below is a list of all the content on the subject of sabbatical finances from this site:

Can You Afford a Sabbatical? A Complete Guide [Free Spreadsheet]
This post walks you through a simple process to work out your pre-sabbatical and ongoing costs and how much you will spend by day whilst you’re travelling. By doing this it will quickly determine when you can afford to take a sabbatical.

8 Tips to Stay Financially Stable During a Sabbatical
8 simple steps to get your finances in order so you are ready to take a sabbatical.

9 Ways to Make Money While Travelling [#4 Was New To Me!]
If you can continue to earn whilst on sabbatical it reduces how much you need to save in advance. Here are 9 ways to keep your bank balance growing whilst travelling.

Is Sabbatical Leave Paid or Unpaid?
This post includes of examples of both paid and unpaid sabbatical leave and a simple way to work out exactly how much a sabbatical will cost you.

The Best Travel Savings Accounts [USA Edition]
A round-up of some of the best places to put your money to save for travel in the USA.

How to Travel the World Without Being Rich
Practical advice on ways to travel without having to have the backing of a huge salary.

Books to Help Finance a Sabbatical

Financial Freedom: A Proven Path to All the Money You Will Ever Need
This book is great at explaining the benefit of saving early and how compound interest grows money at a huge rate over time. Compound interest is your friend and the younger you are the more you can leverage it. Have a play with this calculator to see what I mean. The author is American, so if you’re based elsewhere then you will have to skip some of the sections about 401ks and the like, but it makes up for it by completely life-changing views on growing money.

The Meaningful Money Handbook: Everything you need to KNOW and everything you need to DO to secure your financial future
When I was starting out with money management this was the first book I read. It is by a UK based author, so meant everything inside was relevant to me. Whether it’s getting out of debt, learning to live within your means or starting to save for the future this is a really comprehensive guide to money management, backed up by a fantastic podcast.

How to Travel the World on $50 a Day
The first book by the legendary blogger ‘Nomadic Matt’. It is filled with useful information on how to keep your costs down whilst on the road and has become a bible for frugal travellers.

Websites to Help Finance a Sabbatical

These are my favourite websites about money and investing that I have used to help me build up the money to travel.

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Useful Sabbatical Finances Articles

What To Read Next…

This site is designed to flow from the point you hear about a sabbatical right through to coming home. Below is a suggested order to make your way through the sections.

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Pete Matthew
1 year ago

Thanks for the mention, Ben! Glad the book and podcast have been useful for you…
Pete Matthew – MeaningfulMoney