When readers sign up to my mailing list I ask them to answer a simple question ‘what is your biggest worry when planning a sabbatical?’.

Do you know what the number one answer is?

Well here are a few examples…

So with all the financial worries I though I’d dedicate an entire page to the subject of financing a sabbatical.

Financing a Sabbatical: Posts

Below is a list of all the content on the subject of sabbatical finances from this site:

Books to Help Finance a Sabbatical

Financial Freedom: A Proven Path to All the Money You Will Ever Need

This book is great at explaining the benefit of saving early and how compound interest grows money at a huge rate over time. Compound interest is your friend and the younger you are the more you can leverage it. Have a play with this calculator to see what I mean. The author is American, so if you’re based elsewhere then you will have to skip some of the sections about 401ks and the like, but it makes up for it by completely life-changing views on growing money.

The Meaningful Money Handbook: Everything you need to KNOW and everything you need to DO to secure your financial future

When I was starting out with money management this was the first book I read. It is by a UK based author, so meant everything inside was relevant to me. Whether it’s getting out of debt, learning to live within your means or starting to save for the future this is a really comprehensive guide to money management, backed up by a fantastic podcast.

Websites to Help Finance a Sabbatical

These are my favourite websites about money and investing that I have used to help me build up the money to travel.

I have lived most of my life in the UK but that doesn’t mean there aren’t fantastic tips on international websites that can still be used in the UK.