Travelling is often a culture shock, and this can be particularly obvious when reading signs dotted around the country you’re visiting.

Some are just down to a language barrier, but most highlight the very different problems people face in the country you’re in.

And some are just downright hilarious!

Here are some of the funniest signs we saw on our trip around Thailand….

You can have my Scottish Terrier, even my durian, but you ain’t ever taking my balloons!

Funny Signs Thailand Metro

Seen on Bangkok Metro

“Honestly babe, one minute I was complementing his antlers, next minute this guy went full on Chuck Norris”.

Funny signs Thailand, Deer

Seen in Khao Yai National Park

GO ON. I Dares Ya.

Funny Thailand Signs, Grand Palace

Seen at the Grand Palace, Bangkok

If you think they’re scary, you should see the lollipop lady.

Seen in Khao Yai National Park

Those damn, dirty apes.

Funny signs in Thailand, Monkeys

Seen in a hotel in Lopburi

Lego just ain’t as fun as it used to be.

Funny Signs of Thailand, Bricks of Ayutthaya

Seen in Ayutthaya Historical Park

You can take the boy out of Essex….

Funny signs of Thailand, Essex Boys

Seen at the entrance of Khao Yai National Park

I’m not sure if this is an advert or a disclaimer.

Seen in Chiang Rai

So just food then?

Seen in Chiang Rai

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