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Mittenwald, Bavaria

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Welcome to my Germany guide.

I have been lucky enough to visit Germany three times; once for my (ahem) stag do in Berlin, once for the Christmas markets in Cologne and once to visit our great friends Simon and Anni who have moved to Munich. 

Map of my Destinations in Germany (click for guides)

Places I’ve Visited in Germany

Rathaus-Glockenspiel, Munich


  • My first visit to Germany, on my stag do!


  • Beautiful city in Southern Germany home of our friends Anni and Simon.


  • A weekend visit for the Christmas markets.


  • Picture postcard worthy Bavarian town in the Alps.


Germany Travel Information


Germany is a vast country in central Europe


The population of Germany is around 82 million people.


Germany is GMT +2 meaning they are either 1 or 2 hours ahead of us depending on UK daylight saving.


The flag of Germany was re-adopted on May 23, 1949; it had been Germany’s flag beginning in 1848 (when the German feudal states united) until 1871 (when Bismarck came into power). In 1919, Germany became a republic and the black, red and gold flag was reinstated – until the Nazis took power in 1933. In 1949 (after World War 2), the flag was again adopted as the flag of West Germany (Germany was split into East and West Germany after the war); in 1990, Germany was reunited.

The German flag is a horizontal tricolor, with black, red, and yellow stripes. The colors of the flag were the colors of the German soldiers during the Napoleonic Wars.



Perhaps unsurprisingly German is the main language of Germany, though you will find most people in the big cities also understand English.


Germany use the Euro along with large parts of Europe.



A great guide from here.


  • Cars drive on the right hand side
  • Germany is home of the famous speed unlimited Autobahns
  • Driving license from country of residence is valid for up to 3 months
  • The drink drive limit is 0.5% of blood alcohol content, which is less than the 0.8% allowed in the UK.



Plugs are the square pin British style.




  • Tap water is safe to drink unless there has been a recent cyclone when the sanitation system can take a few days to catch up. We just bought a 1 litre bottle each and kept refilling without any problems.


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