Resizing Photos for upload to a blog

How To Resize Images before Uploading to WordPress (Video)

After seeing the same question asked on a couple of blogging forums and Facebook groups recently I thought I would put together a quick video on how I get my photos ready for upload to WordPress. This video is aimed specifically at Apple users but I imagine there is an equally simple way within Windows.

How To Resize Photos Before Uploading to WordPress

Most bloggers are conscious that large photos mean a slower website and alot of wasted time waiting for photos to upload to WordPress. So it makes sense that we would look to upload a smaller photo than we would keep on our computer. 

But wait, why would I want to make the photos on my site worse than everyone else’s?

Whilst you will be reducing the quality of your photos, they are unlikely to look worse than the competition. I first realised I was making a mistake when putting together a guest post for ‘The Planet D’ blog, one of the biggest travel blogs on the internet. They specifically asked for photos no more than 750px wide in landscape form. When you look at any of the big sites their photos tend to have been reduced to a lower quality to increasing page loading time.

Most people will be viewing your photos as part of a larger post, or even on a mobile phone. They are unlikely to be looking at a full width screen version of your snap, and even if they do you’ll be surprised how good a quality a 750px or 100px wide photo is.

My Simple Method

Here is the video that shows you my method for getting photos ready for upload.

If you don’t have the time to watch it here are the 5 simple steps to help you:

Drag the pictures you want to use for your blog post out of the ‘Photos’ application and onto the desktop. This will create a disposable copy of the photo so you don’t have to worry about damaging the original.

Select all the photos on the desktop and double click to open them in the ‘Preview’ app.

Click ‘Tools’ in the menu bar and choose ‘Adjust Size…’. Choose the new size you want in pixels for either width or height and ‘Preview’ will keep the same dimensions. I use either 750px or 1000px wide for landscape/square photos and 750px tall for portrait photos. You will find for most photos this will see a dramatic reduction in the size of the photo.

Upload them to WordPress and bask in the glory of faster upload speeds!

Delete the photos from your desktop. This won’t destroy the original, only the copy we made in STEP 1.




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4 years ago

Be very helpful if I had a mac. Just tried it on windows, and when i drag to desktop it actually moves the entire photo out of its folder, and preview doesn’t have a a size adjuster in my tools tab. Stooopid windows!