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Hi, I'm Ben

I lost my 20s to all work and no play, but something had to give. I've made some big changes and in the last 5 years I've taken 3 sabbaticals and moved to a new country.

I'm not part of the 'I quit my job to travel the world' brigade, far from it. I love having the security of a career, but I also love to travel and spend more time with my family.

If I'm brave enough to take a sabbatical, you are too...

Your Sabbatical Guides....

Sabbatical​ 101

This is the place to get all your sabbatical questions answered: what, why, how?

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Sabbatical ideas from 3-12 months plus inspiring stories from sabbatical veterans.

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Learn how to make money work harder and put aside the cash for a sabbatical.

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Learn how having a successful career and taking a sabbatical is possible.

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The countdown to a sabbatical can be pretty hectic. Here are some tools to help.

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After the experience of a lifetime, returning home is hard. Here is a guide to re-entry.

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Stop Day-Dreaming, Start Planning

Make your sabbatical happen, step-by-step

Here at The Sabbatical Guide, my goal is to provide you with all the practical information and inspiration you need to make your dream sabbatical a reality.

With over 100,000 readers a year and growing, what started out as a small blog has rapidly grown to become the biggest resource on the internet for those taking sabbatical leave or a career break.

If you're career-minded but also want to make time for other life-changing experiences such as long-term travel or spending quality time with your family then read on to find all the resources, tips and advice you need to bring your plans to life.

It all starts at Sabbatical 101.
This is the section you turn to if you've just heard about a colleague taking a sabbatical, and you're wanting to learn more. Is a sabbatical paid or unpaid? What's the difference between a career break and a sabbatical? Why do people take sabbaticals? You'll find answers to all these questions here.

Now you know the basics it's time for some Sabbatical Inspiration.
Here you'll find all the best sabbatical ideas and stories that will inspire you to take action. Hear travel tales and practical advice from people who've already taken a 'grown up gap year' and see sabbatical ideas including voluntary work, travelling with kids, overlanding and backpacking.

If you're set on the idea of a sabbatical, it's time to find out if and when you can afford one in the Sabbatical Finance & Costs section.
Here I cover everything from saving for an unpaid sabbatical to making money while travelling. We look in detail at budgeting, travel costs and I share my favourite resources that have helped me afford three sabbaticals.

Now you've got your plans locked it's time to chat them through with Work.
This section covers if and how a sabbatical will affect your career and sitting down with your line manager to formally request a sabbatical. It's time to get that time off work signed off and make sure you do so on friendly terms.

With everything signed off, it's time to begin Planning Your Sabbatical.
Whether you're looking for help with the practicalities, preparation or packing you'll find all the best sabbatical planning resources here. There are checklists, guides and tools to make sure nothing gets forgotten.

Many people choose to travel as part of their sabbatical, I certainly did! In fact, it's how this site started, and here I share with you my Travel Guides.
From Malta to Cambodia, Bosnia to Australia I've been lucky enough to see some incredible places. Here I share my favourite adventure stories with you, alongside practical travel guides and my best tips for finding cheap flights, tours and hotels.

And finally, we end up at the place many don't want to think about Returning From Sabbatical.
Getting home and returning to work after a sabbatical can be hard. It's known as 'reverse culture shock' and has caught out many people after a period of time away. This section of the site aims to help you with re-entry and get you thinking about how to incorporate the lessons from your sabbatical into everyday life.

What Others Say

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    The Sabbatical Guide walks you through every step of planning and executing your sabbatical. From truly inspirational ideas of what to do and where to go, to budgeting your trip and even how to combat the 'coming home' part.
    Bens blog posts have inspired me as I know they will anyone who reads them.
    Joanna Verey
  • Man in a white polo shirt
    “I can think of no better website to inspire planning, or equip you with the requisite information to set you on your way, than 'The Sabbatical Guide'. I particularly like the way in which Ben Reeve will painstakingly walk you through the nitty-gritty of what's required, everything from destination ideas to basic budgeting and, I dare say, who pays the window cleaner whilst you're away ! So, it's a must: sit back, digest and enjoy 'The Sabbatical Guide' - I do !”
    Ben Zabulis

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