12 Cool Photos From My Perth to Melbourne Flight

melbourne to perth flight photos

I got allocated the window seat on my flight back from Perth to Melbourne this week and was fascinated by how much the landscape changed on the four hours across three states.

I grabbed some photos and thought I’d upload them here for you all to see.

Perth to Melbourne Flight Photos

How small is the centre of Perth?

perth to melbourne flight photos12

Yep, it really is tiny (heavily zoomed in photo so quality is poor).

perth to melbourne flight photos14

The edges of old forest and where farmland begins is pretty clear

perth to melbourne flight photos15

I wasn’t sure what all these little lakes were – but the colour of the water was amazing. I’m assuming they are old mines?

perth to melbourne flight photos13

I think it was about here on the map below. A combination of salt lakes and old salt mines I think.

We hit the coast pretty soon afterwards – wow! This part of Australia looks like no-one’s ever been here!

perth to melbourne flight photos11

I found the image above on the map! Israelite Bay. And as for undiscovered, um there’s been a telegraph station there since 1876!!

Buy an island anyone?

perth to melbourne flight photos9

I spent ages trying to find this little group on Google Maps, was so pleased when I did!

Daw Island!

I found this amazing website which is written like an adventure book and describes a couple sailing out to Daw Island. Rather typically for Australia, the first thing they encountered on the island was a large sign that read:

Death Adders reside in large numbers on this island

You do you Australia, you do you.

perth to melbourne flight photos8

Next up it was actually a bit of land I recognised (though I thought we were on the opposite shore).

We were over Port Lincoln (which admittedly I thought was Cape Jervis) and in the distance could see Kangaroo Island, a place we’d visited back in February of this year on our first trip out of the state post-Covid.

perth to melbourne flight photos7

I’m sharing this one, just because, wow! Clouds that look like the breaking up of some great Arctic ice sheet.

perth to melbourne flight photos5

After not too long, Victoria started to come into view. After flying over Australia’s driest state (South Australia) it was instantly obvious when we were back in the lush greens of Victoria.

perth to melbourne flight photos4

Is it me or does this cloud look like Oscar the Grouch?

perth to melbourne flight photos3

Green Victoria laid out in front of us as we came in to land.

perth to melbourne flight photos2

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