I just thought I’d share a site I discovered this week via Tim Ferriss’ newsletter.

I try to read a much as I can, and as I do I take notes, and highlight my favourite bits using the Kindle.

I put all of these notes into a commonplace book on Evernote, saving the highlights into a big file called ‘clippings’, and then creating notes where I save my favourite quotes into themes such as ‘travel, networking, coaching, public speaking’ etc etc.

A glimpse into my commonplace book

This helps me feel like I get the most out of the books I read, saving away my favourite bits for future use at meetings, in presentations and speeches, or just for a bit of inspiration when needed.

But alot of notes get stuffed away at the bottom of a pile. I always copy them across to Evernote, but some I don’t feel need adding to the commonplace book, so they just sit there.

Enter Readwise.

Readwise is an extension for your browser, which works with the Kindle notes site, and will analyse all the highlights you’ve taken, and then send three of them to you every day.

I’ve loved it this week, discovering bits from old books I’d forgotten about, and adding a few more to my commonplace book.

This was my favourite quote of the week, from the Rolf Potts book, Vagabonding:

“The world is a book,” goes a saying attributed to Saint Augustine, “and those who do not travel read only one page.”

So if you’re a Kindle user, and have been wondering how to make the most of all those old highlights, here’s a great option!

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