How To Escape: Dealing with the Practicalities of Extended Leave

Thanks for hitting the ‘yes box’!

This was an experiment to see how many people would be interested in a guide of that name.
I’ll be up front with you.
I was looking to see if putting the time into wiring this guide would be a good idea. If enough people show interest then I’ll put all my ideas together in one place.
My ideas for the guide are as follows:

  • Why Take a Sabbatical?
  • Slaying the Mental Demons
  • Can you Afford to take a Sabbatical?
    • Covering both career and money aspects
  • What to do with a Sabbatical
  • Things you need to Consider Before Booking Time Off
  • 12 Week Sabbatical Planning Countdown 

If you’re interested then please register your interest below.
Once I have a few people involved, I’ll let you know as I’m making a start, and maybe ask your advice for what to include.


I’m so pleased you’ve shown an interest in my work.

I don’t want to get too excited but….


It meant alot to me 🙂