Returning From Sabbatical

Returning Home After Sabbatical

Returning home from sabbatical can be one of the hardest parts.

Returning home and heading back to work after a sabbatical is hard. It’s known as ‘reverse culture shock’ and has been the downfall of many people after they’ve taken extended leave.

This section of the site aims to help you with re-entry and get you thinking about how to incorporate the lessons from your sabbatical into everyday life.

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Returning From Sabbatical Posts

9 Expert Tips On Adjusting To Life After Long-Term Travel
In this post 9 travel bloggers take us through their best tips for adjusting back to life after long-term travel.

8 Examples of People Who Took A Sabbatical And Returned To Their Job
If you’re worried your job might not be there when you return, here is a post that will give you some reassurance.

Some Simple Tips To Avoid Post-Sabbatical Depression
A guest post from Peter Barbas, a man who’s taken three sabbaticals and now teaches others how to build the learnings into their lives. Here he discusses a few changes you can make on your return that will help you to avoid slipping into a slump.

Some Simple Words That Help Me Beat The Post-Travel Blues
A short and simple post with 9 simple words that I remember whenever I’m coming to the end of a trip.

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How Long Did You Take For A Sabbatical or Career Break?

If you have taken a sabbatical or career break (unpaid time off from work) how long did you take?