Da Luca Gelateria
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Ristorante Da Luca Gelateria

Da Luca Gelateria

Da Luca Gelateria is in the village of Cote D’or alongside Anse Volbert Beach on Praslin Island in the Seychelles (in case that ridiculously long introduction didn’t narrow it down it’s also in the Indian Ocean, off the East coast of Africa on the Planet Earth at the edge of the Orion Arm of the Milky Way).

Well, anyway Becca and I stopped in for a spot of lunch. Ice cream doesn’t really seem to be a big thing on the Seychelles (come on guys, hot country easy pickings!) so when she saw this place in the guide book it was simply a matter of time before we ended up here. After dining out for the most of the week on fish in our self catering B&B it was nice to head out for a spot of lunch and I really don’t take too much convincing when it comes to pizzas!

Da Luca Gelateria - Interior

Da Luca looks a little out of place on the Seychelles. The modern design is at odds with alot of the more traditional laid back buildings around the islands but the angular water features leading through to the open fronted restaurant really draw you in! Well that and the massive sign promising big heaps of ice cream!

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Most of our meals that weren’t homemade on the island and come from the various little creole takeaways so it was nice to sit down and have a meal. And when in for a cent in for a rupee!

Da Luca Gelateria - Cocktails
Manly Drinks!

We went for a cocktail each Becca with a mojito and me going for a particularly macho pina colada with star fruit accessory. It was delicious. Absolutely delicious. I know being a bloke I’m meant to go for the Seybrew but what can I say it’s hard to beat a beautifully made cocktail. Today was not a day to worry about Manly Drinks! (Disclaimer, there is a fair bit of swearing in this video, but it is absolutely hilarious!).

Da Luca Gelateria - Pizza!

We both went for pizzas and they were incredible! I know this is not traditional Seychellian food but sometimes you’ve just got to go with what you know. And if I know one thing it is pizza. Sat on lovely hand made bases with thick tomato sauce and a well cooked selection of spicy meats my tastebuds were transported back to sitting in the square opposite the Pantheon in Rome. I hoovered mine up in my usual style and looked longingly over at Becca’s plate waiting patiently for some scraps. She’d gone for artichoke on hers which I feel was an intentional ploy to keep me away but knowing the vulture I am she cut off a slice for me to taste in order for her to “leave room for pud!”.

Da Luca Gelateria - Pud!

Where I was less likely to get a look in was the dessert. Da Luca are clearly masters in the art of sundaes. We both tucked in – Becca on a chocolate covered banana split and me on a piece of rum and raisin sculpture heaven. The spoons had more than a passing resemblance to tiny shovels, a rather fitting description given the way we went about transporting the food from plate to mouth.

Da Luca Gelateria - Tiny Shovels!
Tiny shovels!? A fitting description!

This certainly isn’t the cheapest place on earth; two cocktails, two pizzas and two deserts cost us 710 rupees (about £40) but in the context of the relatively high prices for food on Seychelles I certainly didn’t feel robbed. You’d easily spend this on a similar meal in London with no guarantees you’d get as good a quality food.

For me I’d highly recommend a stop off at Da Luca Gelateria if you’re in the area, good pizza, amazing ice cream and prices that aren’t going to ruin your holiday. 

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