Nestled in the hills overlooking the ocean and surrounded by mountains, Rosemary Dream is a one of a kind experiential learning center. It is a place that empowers individuals to value life, love the world, and live their dreams. A place that provides tools to live an optimal way of life so that the potential that lies within each one of us can be unleashed.

Not only does Rosemary Dream host people from all over the world on retreats, but it is also an active community. This means people live here all year round, working together and supporting each other to craft their own optimal ways of life. We believe in ethical behavior, living through our values, being purpose oriented and living the most playful lifestyle you can imagine.

The Rosemary Dream question is:

“Will you dare to live your dreams?”

How would you show up in life if your thoughts, feelings, and emotions could no longer stop you?

We get lost searching for our purpose in life, rather than experiencing the power of creation within us. Our purpose doesn’t find us, we create it. When you experience that power, you change the world. The evolution of humanity begins, when you make the decision to evolve, and in order to evolve, you have to do something out of the ordinary. Something that stretches you beyond what your thoughts convince you to believe are your limits.

Heart Attack

Heart Attack is Rosemary Dream’s ultimate life changing retreat. With 30 days to re-experience living, participants go through a transformational process where in the end they leave with tangible tools to take into their everyday lives.

Heart Attack focuses on defining a balanced lifestyle, with full self-expression so that you can stop hiding behind walls that have been built over the years. Our qualified coaches take you on a journey of self-knowledge in order to tap into the subconscious mind, your emotions, limiting beliefs, and mindfulness in order to connect with not only yourself but with others. Throughout the retreat, participants develop different approaches to manage their overall health so that they can be physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually balanced.

The workshops, challenges and everyday activities of Heart Attack cultivate clarity, strength and confidence in all aspects of life, giving participants a clear sense of purpose and understanding. So ask yourself, how far are you willing to stretch in order to experience the best version of you? If you’re willing to stretch far, then welcome to Rosemary Dream.

Program Details


Rosemary Dream, Barra Da Lagoa, Florianopolis, Brazil AKA “The Island of Magic”


To take important time out to reflect and gain tools, understanding and practical experience to transform yourself and your life into something you absolutely love. Heart Attack offers a space to get the clarity, ability, and confidence to clearly define and shape the outcome of your life.


2019 dates….

  • April 22nd to May 21st
  • July 22nd to Aug 21st
  • Oct 21st to Nov 20th


Full Program Price: US $3480

  • All Inclusive (house, food & activities)
  • Early Bird Price: 15% off (Follow on Instagram or Facebook for details on early bird ticket releases)


What the Heart Attack Alumni say:

“This month has been the most transformative experience of my life. I never thought Heart Attack would take me so deeply into myself. I’ve overcome so many fears, limiting beliefs, and I now have the clarity and confidence to achieve anything I want in this life.”

Morad Ben Menashe

“Heart Attack gave me the chance to take my fears and create courage out of them. I dove in, because tip-toeing around the edges of life was satisfying and safe, but not fulfilling. The retreat wasn’t aIways easy. There is nothing easy about seeing your shadow self, breaking barriers, discomfort, eliminating bad habits, and pushing physically and mentally past limits….. But it was 100% worth it. It changed my life.”

Karina Miller

“Wow, what an epic experience. I went into Rosemary totally

open and completely unaware of what was in store. An adventure that pushed my limits, opened my eyes and my heart. The Heart Attack program helped me see the man I truly am, and to be so damn proud of that man…”

“If you are looking to shake up your life, feel alive and start creating your authentic life then get on that plane and start the Heart Attack program, your life won’t know what hit you! Unreal.”

Darragh O’Boyle

“Heart Attack was an important part of my process of deconstructing and challenging views and ideas that had been rooted within me for so many years. Today, I am finally adventuring on a path that feels real, authentic, and above all created by and for myself!”

Julia Gunlach

Written by: Jasmine Sara & Karina Miller

Photography by: Bruna Brandão

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