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Sabbatical FAQs

What is sabbatical leave from work?

A sabbatical is a period of paid or unpaid time off of work that offers you the chance to return to your job role or a close equivalent at the end of it. Whilst your benefits are normally frozen during this time (pay, pension payments, share earnings), usually you continue to accrue pro-rata related benefits.

How long is a sabbatical?

A normal time-period for a sabbatical is between three and twelve months, however this will depend on the company your work for and how much time off you can afford to take.

Do you get paid during a sabbatical?

Generally, no, however there are some exception, most commonly in academia.

What does sabbatical mean?

The word sabbatical has its origins in the word sabbath, meaning a day of rest. In both Judaism and Christianity, one day a week is set aside as the sabbath day, a day of rest and worship.

The word has evolved to become a general term, used for either paid or unpaid leave given as a benefit to employees by their company.

How do I take a sabbatical?

To take a sabbatical you need to start by researching your company policies, to determine if sabbatical leave is regularly granted and how you go about requesting it.

You then need to plan out your sabbatical, working out how much you need to save in advance, when would be the right time to travel and what you want to do.

Before you book anything you then need to request the sabbatical via your line manager or HR team.

If the sabbatical is not granted you can then make a decision if you want to risk leaving employment and finding a job on your return, or giving up on your dream.