Sabbatical Basics

Sabbatical Basics

On this page you'll find all the basic information relating to sabbaticals.

From the real basics such as 'What is a Sabbatical?' through to inspiring stories from experienced travellers and advice on what to do with everything from pets to your finances.

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What is a Sabbatical?

Here I start with the real basics.

What is a sabbatical?

I answer 9 key questions from the law, pay and what the word sabbatical actually means.


Why Take a Sabbatical?

In this article I cover the 'why' of sabbaticals.

We look at why sabbaticals have become popular, why they are important and review the 8 most popular reasons people decide to take them


Sabbatical Stories

The best advice about sabbaticals comes from people who've actually been there and done it.

In this series of posts, I interview seasoned travellers, and ask them questions about their sabbaticals covering everything from approaching their boss to what they learned from the experience.

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