Sabbatical Costs Tool for $9

Super-simple to complete, yet incredibly powerful in its results, this calculator will show you EXACTLY how much your sabbatical will cost, and whether you can afford it.

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Let me guess: you’d L-O-V-E to escape for a while.

You’ve dreamed of a break longer than just a holiday for years. You want to slow down, see life unfold somewhere different, create some stories you’ll be telling for the rest of your life.

You’ve got the plan in your head, but there’s one big question outstanding…


Let Us Help

We’ve built a simple, yet powerful tool to help you find the cost of your sabbatical, and for only $9!

To complete the spreadsheet, you just input:

  • Sabbatical length
  • Daily travel cost (we share an amazing resource that helps you get this)
  • One off costs such as flights
  • Recurring costs while you’re away, such as mortgage payments
  • Your current (or expected) savings
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Just Follow the Simple Instructions

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Then Input Your Data

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And that’s it.
The tool does the rest of the work.

Here’s the output you’ll get from the

Sabbatical Costs Tool

  • A total cost for your sabbatical
  • A daily and monthly cost for your sabbatical
  • Affordability of your sabbatical vs savings
  • Affordability of your sabbatical vs savings & expected earnings
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