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Sabbatical Destinations: 20+ Best Places for a Sabbatical

On this page you’ll find all the best sabbatical destinations in the world.

From scuba diving in Tofu or overlanding through Botswana to taking an intensive cooking course in London or a one month retreat in Brazil there is a real variety of sabbatical destinations on offer in this post.

Sabbatical Destinations Map

Best Sabbatical Destinations

There are thousands of different ways to take a sabbatical but here I highlight some of the best sabbatical destinations that have been featured on this site.

I have worked with local, established companies and people who’ve ‘been there and done it’ to bring together a mix of different sabbatical destinations and ideas in one place.

These are all linked to a location on the map above.




South America

Sabbatical Ideas and Inspiration

If none of the sabbatical destinations above have got you excited, then I’ve got more pages that will give you some sabbatical inspiration on this site.

Sabbatical Booking Companies

Cooking Courses



Horse Riding

House Sitting

Humanitarian Aid