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I love interviewing people about their sabbatical experiences and learn lots from doing so. They inform alot of the other articles I produce for this website and provide an inspirational resource for others looking to take a sabbatical.

Have a read through the profiles below and if you see one that relates click through to find loads of actionable tips.

Amy Jenner
Amy is a retailer who’s taken two sabbaticals to travel around Asia and Australasia. She recommends turning off tech, staying present and not living your whole sabbatical ‘through a lens’.
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Susan Trunk
Susan took a 12 month sabbatical that ending up becoming 16 months. She managed to see an incredible 28 countries on her route, and planned her finances by thinking of everything in the value of a plane ticket.
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Tim Tunnicliff
Tim used the British Fire Brigade’s responsibility to provide work/life balance to book in a 1 year sabbatical. He ruthlessly cleared his possessions before setting off on an incredible adventure which included large parts of Africa, South America and what he describes as the highlight of his trip at Burning Man Festival. Looking back on it Tim wishes he’d taken things a little slower but is now aiming to head back to his favourite places to dive a bit deeper.
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Maire Bonheim
Maire managed to convince her employer to allow her to work remotely and do less hours so she could take 3 months living in Barcelona (she’s now doing the same in Munich!). She was inspired by Tim Ferriss’ Four Hour Work Week and was so inspired by travel she eventually quit her job to see the world.
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Peter Barbas
Peter describes his sabbatical epiphany as realising he spent ‘too much time doing things he had to do, rather than things he enjoyed doing’. He organised someone to housesit and travelled for 3 months with his wife and kids to get some perspective. On his return he has tried to build some of the sabbatical lessons in to his life, such as daily quiet reflection and going out of his way to have new experiences.
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Darja had spent many years dreaming of travel and eventually decided to leave her IT job and travel with her boyfriend. This decision proved huge impactful, with a 5 month sabbatical becoming a year, and eventually ending up with them converting to a nomadic lifestyle for the long term.
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