Sabbatical leave is a period of time granted off work by an employer that offers you the chance to return to your job (or a close equivalent) at the end of it. Sabbaticals are generally unpaid, and last for a period of 1 month or more.

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Sabbatical Leave Articles by Topic

This section will direct you to the main topics I cover on the website. From sabbatical and career break ideas to detailed planning guides, you will find everything you need to plan the perfect sabbatical.

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In this section you’ll get all your basic questions about sabbatical leave answered.

What is a Sabbatical: Complete Guide
How Long is a Sabbatical?
Sabbatical 101: All Your Sabbatical Questions Answered


If you’re looking for some inspiration for sabbatical leave then you’ll find it below.


30 Life-Changing Sabbatical Ideas
21 Ways to Use 90 Days of Freedom
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Interview and Q&A
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Types of Sabbatical
Which Personal Sabbatical Most Suits You [+ Cost Guide]

Benefits of a Sabbatical
Breaking Down the Mental Barriers to Taking a Sabbatical


If you have already decided to take sabbatical leave, this is the section for you. You’ll find comprehensive guides that cover all aspects of planning a sabbatical.

How to Ask For a Sabbatical [And Get One]
8 Examples of People Who Took a Sabbatical & Returned to Their Job
How to Take a Sabbatical From Work: Everything You Need to Know

Sabbatical Finances: Every Article in One Place
Can You Afford to Take a Sabbatical?
8 Tips to Stay Financial Stable During a Sabbatical

Loose Ends
What to do with Pets When You Take a Sabbatical
Sabbatical Companies


If you’ve decided to travel as part of your extended break, then this section will direct you to the best posts from the site.

Full Travel Planning Page
35 Things to do Before Travelling Abroad [Checklist]
13 Travel Tips and Tricks I Use Every Time
How to Find the Visa Requirements for Every Country on Earth


For many, returning home after sabbatical leave is the hardest part. Here you will find some post that will help you with this adjustment.

9 Expert Tips for Adjusting to Life After Long-Term Travel
Some Tips to Avoid Post-Sabbatical Depression
9 Simple Words That Help Me Beat The Post-Travel Blues

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