I’ve put this post together to collate any great pieces of writing I see on the subject of sabbaticals and career breaks.

I will update it regularly with any new articles I find interesting.

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Date PublishedDate ScrapbookedPublisherTitleURL
06/02/201809/04/2019Thrive GlobalSabbaticals Save Our CompanyClick Here
10/03/2019Evening Standard (UK)Take a Break: Why Your Career Could use a SabbaticalClick Here
29/08/201710/03/2019The Guardian (UK)Back to Work: Reviving Your Career After a SabbaticalClick Here
12/04/201610/03/2019Total Jobs (UK)Revive Your Career With a SabbaticalClick Here
10/12/201210/03/2019Fast Company (USA)The Career Value of a “Pointless” SabbaticalClick Here
03/06/200810/03/2019Get Rich Slowly (USA)How to Take a Sabbatical (An Interview with Tim Ferriss)Click Here
03/10/201710/03/2019Refinery 29 (USA)How to Take a Sabbatical Without Ruining Your CareerClick Here

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