South Africa Travel Guide

Welcome to my South Africa guide. South Africa has been a second home after my Dad moved to Pretoria 20 years ago. I spent many a happy holiday there in my childhood and now Becca and I make regular visits.

Below you will find guides to some of my favourite places as well as useful information about the country.

Places of Interest in South Africa

Useful South Africa Information

ℹ️ Information and Stats


South Africa is the southern most country in Africa covering an area approximately 5 times the size of the UK.


The population of South Africa is around 55 million people.


One of the great things about travelling to South Africa from the UK is that is is almost due South meaning very little time different. It is GMT +2 meaning they are either 1 or 2 hours ahead of us depending on UK daylight saving.


The flag of South Africa was adopted on April 27th 1994 and was designed to show unity. The red, white and blue colors were taken from the colors of the Boer Republics.

The yellow, black and green are taken from the African National Congress (ANC) flag. Black symbolises the people, green the fertility of the land, and gold the mineral wealth beneath the soil. Those colors were adopted by the ANC in 1925.


There are 11 official languages of South Africa and scores of unofficial ones. By numbers, the three most spoken are Zulu followed by English and then Afrikaans. English is the most popular language in business, big cities and most tourist destinations. Having spent a lot of time in South Africa I have never found it a problem getting by in English. If you want to learn more about the languages of South Africa then there is a fantastic article at ‘Brand South Africa‘.

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