Hi there.

Me, Dad and Becca

If we haven’t met yet then I’m Ben Reeve, the uber-productive travel lover who founded this site (on the right you’ll see me on top of Table Mountain with my wife Becca and my Dad).

I’ve also been lucky (or maybe brave) enough to build ‘mini-retirements’ or sabbaticals into my career. 

And believe me when I say busy! I’m a retailer – running sections of a business with up to 500 people working for me – and am well used to 80 hour weeks, unsociable hours and days off being few and far between.

But I’ve still managed to build travel into my life, whether that be through planned sabbaticals, or making the most of my weekends and vacation time.

I’m writing this post to use as a kind of permanent “Hello!”, since at any given moment in time, about half of the readers of this blog are pretty new. A new site can be a pretty daunting thing with lots of published articles and no real idea where to start.

Well let me help you….

Think of this as a open-bus tour of your favourite city. Here I’m going to give you the highlights, and after that you can jump right in. Feel free to hop on and hop off, by joining my newsletter at the bottom, which will keep up to date with all the new tips and guides that I put together.

For the hardcore….

There are a number of ways you could work your way around here.

If you’re feeling super-brave why not start at the beginning and work your way through. Here is an archive of every post ever written, and it’s expanding by the day.

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Bear in mind that this site has transferred from an old domain so hasn’t always been solely focused on sabbaticals. Some of the older content is about my cycling adventures and vacations. Hopefully it will show you my passion for travel, as well as allow you to uncover some great sabbatical related content.

Does that feel like too much? Like trying to eat an entire crocodile sandwich?

Ok, well let’s narrow it down a bit then.

This site is primarily aimed at helping busy people to build sabbaticals into their career. 

I’ve separated these into a five different categories to make the site easy to navigate depending on when you are in your journey.

The five sabbatical categories….


Here you will find all the basic information you need to consider before taking a sabbatical. This will answer some of the questions you have in your head right now:


Decided you want to take a sabbatical, but don’t know what to do with it? This is the place for you.


Here’s where the really serious work happens. Everything from sorting out visas and money to the best gear and resources, this is the place to be when your sabbatical is kicking into gear.


This is the place for people on sabbatical. Travel tips, gear and resources to help you make the most of your travels.


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Adjusting after a vacation can be hard enough, but when you’ve been away for months don’t under-estimate how difficult it get back to normal life. In the ‘after your sabbatical’ section I cover off how to make this adjustment, and then how to build travel into your future.

If you’re looking for travel inspiration post sabbatical then there are a few sections to help you:

  • How about weekend breaks and micro-adventures? A great way to slot some travel experiences around a busy lifestyle.
  • Or maybe you’re looking to make the most of your annual leave and looking for some holiday ideas? I’ve got that covered too.
  • Or maybe you’re just looking to see what’s out there. Check out my destinations page for a list of places I’ve visited, which includes country and city guides.

How are we getting on so far? 

Next let’s head over to the gift shop! I’ve got some great pages dedicated to the best resources and gear for travellers. This should help you get inspired, plan out some amazing trips and pick up the best gear to get you to your next destination.

Just looking to browse the world?

Check out my destinations page to see some of the countries I’ve been lucky enough to visit and the guides that go along with them.

Stay in touch

Let’s not be strangers.

I won’t bother you much, a newsletter once every week with some updates from the site.

If you’re in feel free to sign up below, you’ll even get a free gift 🙂

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And that’s it

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Time to hop off the bus and be on your way.

I hope you have fun.

Any questions just drop me a note at BenReeveUK@gmail.com.

Happy Travels and double thumbs up (from a much younger me :))