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If you want to be featured on ‘The Sabbatical Guide – Best Travel Blogs‘ list then I offer a link exchange service.

Please fill in the form below with the required details to be added to the list.

In order to be considered I am looking for blogs that are regularly updated, and have great content that is relevant to one of the categories.

If a blog is not regularly updated, I reserve the right to remove it from the list.

Proposed Category for Your Blog Submission

For this field please choose a category from the bullet point list at the top of the article on the ‘Best Travel Blogs‘ post.

If you don’t find a category that describes your blog, feel free to suggest a new one, and where it would fit in.

I won’t automatically accept all new additions, and might come back to you with a different suggestion.

URL of Backlink to The Sabbatical Guide

When it comes to the ‘URL of backlink to The Sabbatical Guide’ field, I will need a URL showing a post or page with a ‘dofollow’ link back to my site. This does not have to be to the homepage, in fact I would prefer it if there were links to a variety of posts and pages on my site.

If you are looking for something that might provide a good link for your readers, check out my archive of ‘Every Post Ever Written on‘.

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