The Ultimate Resource Guide for Travellers (52 & Growing!)

Ultimate Resource Guide for Travellers

Welcome to my ‘Ultimate Resources for Travellers’.

In this posts you will find the best resources to help you dream about, plan, prepare for and book trips to inspirational destinations around the world.

If you have any resources you think I should add then drop them in the comments at the bottom.

Practical Inspiration for Travel

Finding Time To Travel

[BOOK]  Escape 101: The Four Secrets of Taking a Sabbatical or Career Break Without Losing Your Money or Your Mind

Escape 101 is a book that sets out a roadmap for taking a sabbatical without losing everything you have already put into your home and career.

[BOOK] The Career Break Book (Lonely Planet)

Practical pre-trip preparation for a career break covering topics from putting mortgages on hold to doing volunteer work. Released in 2004 it still feels fairly up to date with second hand copies available now for around £2.50.

[BOOK] The Career Break Traveler’s Handbook: How to make your dream a reality today

A great tool for planning, researching and taking a trip of a lifetime.


A comprehensive site that gives you all the information you need to take a career break and inspiring ideas of what to do with your time.

[BOOK] The 4-Hour Work Week: Escape the 9-5, Live Anywhere and Join the New Rich

Forget the old concept of retirement and deferring your travel plans until you do. The 4-hour work week will give you practical strategies and case studies to build ‘mini-retirements’ into your working life.

[BOOK] Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel

Vagabonding by Rolf Potts is an excellent read. It is aimed at those are planning to leave their lives and go on much longer term adventures, however the tips and advice in this book is suitable for most travellers.

Financing Travel


Resources to help live a more frugal life. This site is aimed at helping people who want to find the money to retire early but the principles can just as easily be applied to people who want to save money to travel


Martin Lewis’ comprehensive UK based site is one of the most comprehensive money sites on the web. With budget planning tools, advice on remortgaging and cutting down your bills and an entire section dedicated to travel this is a great site to help you finance your trip.

[BLOG POST] 50 Ways I Saved (Alot) of Money to Travel the World

Incredibly helpful post from detailing some really easy ways to simplify your life and save money to finance your travel.

[WEBSITE/APP] Moneyhub

Moneyhub pulls all your financial accounts into one place, allowing your to monitor your spending and lets you set targets for savings to finance your next trip. For a US equivalent check out


Keeping track of exchange rates whilst planning a trip and on the move can be confusing. makes it simple and has an app that will work offline to allow you to quickly check rates on the road.

[BOOK] How to Travel the World on $50 a Day: Travel Cheaper, Longer, Smarter

Written by Matt Kepnes, owner of the biggest travel blog on the net this book sets out Matt’s tactics for travelling the world on less money.


UK Based site that helps you maximise your Avios and frequent flyer miles.

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I use to plan my travels

Planning Your Travels

Choosing and Planning Destinations


A ‘wiki’ is a site contributed to by its members. WikiTravel is an incredible resource for travellers, with country guides and advice on everything from safety to packing. It is one of my first stop offs when planning a trip as the regularly updated user content means it is usual more accurate than any guidebook.

[FORUM] Lonely Planet Thorn Tree Forum

I’m sure you’ve heard of or used Lonely Planet guides at some point on your travels. The Lonely Planet Thorn Tree forums are the perfect place to build on that knowledge, with sub-forums for regions, countries and specific topics such as health and child-friendly travel.


A review site that features things to do alongside hotels and restaurants. Helps when choosing destinations as it ranks the best places in an area as reviewed by other travellers.


Travel community with really useful country and city guides that go into lots of detail.


The website of obscure and curious travel destinations. I always have a look at their guides to find interesting and unusual places when planning a trip.


Trover is a community of travellers sharing photos of the best places in the world. I love typing in a place I’m planning to visit and then using the photos as inspiration to plan my route.

[FORUM] r/travel subreddit

If you haven’t used reddit before then you’re missing out. It is like the world’s biggest forum with subreddits for every subject imaginable. The r/travel subreddit is really useful when planning a trip. Use it to ask specific questions to help you, or delve into their FAQ for travel guides and useful trip planning information.


Southeast Asia is a popular choice for travellers. If you are researching a trip then look no further than This is the most comprehensive guide to travelling in Southeast Asia on the internet with country-by-country guides and template itineraries.

[BOOK] Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travelist: The 500 Best Places on the Planet…Ranked

If you haven’t actually decided where to go then this book should provide you with some inspiration. Voted on by Lonely Planet’s network of authors they have ranked the 500 best places to visit on the planet.

Route Planning


If you’re wondering what the best way is to get from one destination to another Rome2Rio has got you covered. Comparing rail, road, bus, plane and boat all in one place to help you make a quick decision.

[WEBSITE] Google Maps

I always build a Google Map before I travel to help me plot out the big attractions I want to visit. Even on smaller trips such as city breaks it is a really useful way to plan out your trip. If you’ve never built a customer Google Map before check out my video here which will help you.


An app that builds a master itinerary from you forwarding on you confirmation emails from flights, hire cars and hotels.

Preparing To Travel



Simple to set up and comprehensive travel insurance cover designed for long-term trips.

[WEBSITE] Co Op Travel Insurance

Co Op are trying to disrupt the UK travel insurance market with some innovative products that look after you before, during and after your trip!

[BLOG POST] How to Find the Best Travel Insurance

Nomadic Matt sets out some clear advice on how to find the best travel insurance.


[BLOG POST] How to Pack Light: The Complete Guide to Ultralight, Minimalist Travel

A really useful guide by James Clear sharing his best tips and gear for ultralight travel.

Life On The Road

Alot of the tools from the ‘inspiration’ and ‘planning’ sections are also useful when on the road. I could have included them here too, but I did not want to duplicate the information. Please refer back to them when on the road for helping you to build your itinerary.



Airbnb is a community marketplace that connects people who want to rent out their home or a room with others who are looking for somewhere to stay. If, like me, you are not a fan of the stuffiness of hotels Airbnb will let you easily find places to stay which are self catering.


With nearly 2 million places to stay and a site that has over 20 years of experience behind it is often the easiest and cheapest way to find somewhere to stay whilst on the move.


A similar site to, Agoda seems to get especially good reviews at finding places to stay in South East Asia.

[WEBSITE] is the world’s leading hostel booking website with over 35,000 properties available to choose from with reviews by other travellers.

[WEBSITE] is a community of 14 million people who connect with other travellers and offer a place to stay for free.


House sitting is another interesting way to travel for free. People often need people to look after their houses whilst they away, generally because they have pets they don’t want to put in kennels. It’s a straight swap – you get a place to stay, and they save the costs of sending their pets on holiday too. There are lots of sites that offer house sitting, but has been running since 2000 and has alot more opportunities than most of the competition.

Travelling By….



Great site to find cheap flights along with hotels and car hire.

[WEBSITE] will help you find the best seats on all the different types of plane available. Seats with additional legroom or restricted recline are highlighted to help you check-in effectively.

[WEBSITE] Google Flights

Using tool for comparing flight prices across different airlines.

[BLOG POST} Tips For Flying

A comprehensive roundup from of the best tips for flying.



If you are interested in travelling by rail then you need to start at this site. Mark Smith is a career railwayman whose site was born from a frustration about the lack of information on how to travel by train. is simply the best resource for train travel anywhere on the net.



An up to date list of all the visas required around the world by British citizens.

Travelling Safely

[WEBSITE] UK Government Foreign Travel Advice

Country by country advice on crime, terrorism, political unrest, health and even landmines! If you are wanting up-to-date information on entry requirements and safety this is the best place to come. Most governments have an equivalent site with their latest guidelines.


Over 130 pages of travel safety tips covering everything from surviving a plane crash to avoiding pickpockets. The ultimate travel safety resource on the internet.


Robert Young Pelton provides insight and advice about the most dangerous places on earth whilst providing practical information for would-be travellers.


A website filled with resources, online training and videos to help you stay safe whilst travelling.


Really useful site for seeing vaccination requirements by country.

Staying Healthy

[BOOK/APP] Convict Conditioning: How to Bust Free of all Weakness

If you’re a gym-goer, staying fit whilst on the road can be hard. A great way to build exercise into your day is using calisthenics or bodyweight training. The best book I have found on this is Convict Conditioning, written by an ex-inmate Paul Wade it teaches you how to build up your body gradually over 6 key exercises. It is also backed up by a simple but useful tracking app.

[APP] Calm

Meditation has become a really important part of my life as I’ve got older. It has helped me reduce my anxiety, slow down and live in the present moment. I find it especially useful when travelling, allowing me to not get caught up in the frustrating and hectic nature of travel, and enjoy the world around me for what it is. I tried out a few apps but have settled on Calm for the great introduction to meditation and simple 10-20 minute sessions which I use to start the day.

[BOOK] Shitting Pretty: How to Stay Clean and Healthy While Travelling

We all have anecdotes of the times we have been under-the-weather whilst travelling. Shitting Pretty tries to help us minimise the chance for future stories. A humorous and informative book, that gives advice on how to stay healthy on the move when you don’t have access to the modern-day amenities you’re used to at home.


[WEBSITE/APP] Duolingo

If you want to learn the basics of a language before you travel Duolingo is a structured and motivational way to do so.


If you are serious about learning a language then a tutor is the best way to go about you. But what if you have no-one nearby? offers a solution by allowing you to find tutors for one-to-one learning online. Each tutor is rated by their students and displays a clear hourly rate.

[WEBSITE/APP] Google Translate

Google Translate is the best way I’ve found to get quick translations on the move. You can download language packs for use offline and there is even an incredible live converter for some languages which allows you to use the camera to quickly translate text.

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Discover all the
Websites, Apps & Books 
I use to plan my travels




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Useful Tools for Booking Your Sabbatical


I always use Skyscanner or Agoda alongside Google Flights to make sure I’ve got the best price. I use Google Flights to save a route and monitor price changes and a combination of Skyscanner and Agoda to get the cheapest tickets. 

If you are in the UK I would also highly recommend signing up for Jack’s Flight Club to get incredible flight deals sent to your email inbox every week.


When booking accommodation I always start with as they generally have the best range and prices. I also regularly use Airbnb for longer stays and apartments in cities (use this link for £25 off your first stay). For a different experience try signing up to Housecarers for free house-sitting opportunities (get 10% off membership with this link).


Travel insurance might seem like an unnecessary cost, but when a flight gets cancelled, injury occurs or you damage a piece of gear you’ll regret not paying in advance. I’ve used  World Nomads for two sabbaticals and (after badly damaging a hire car in Laos!) found the claim process to be simple and transparent.


Using local guides is one of my favourite travel tips. The easiest way to find a local guide is to use Get Your Guide who offer tours with local guides all over the world.


Check out my gear page for my favourite travel gear, here for a detailed 3-month packing list for men and women and here to find 38 great travel gifts.


Getting from the airport to your destinations is an added stress after a tiring flight, so take the guesswork out and pre-book with Their prices often beat the local taxis and I've found them to be reliable and easy to use.

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